Why Should I get my Business Website Audited

Do you have that gut feeling about your website?

Got the feeling that something isn’t right with it…but you can’t put your finger on the exact problem?

You’re not alone! Many business owners have been there, struggling to make what should be their best marketing tool a real lead generator or money spinner.

The website platform Zyro carried out some interesting research with its small and medium sized business users.

It found that:

  • 87% of the SMEs they surveyed said their existing websites need improvement.
  • 45% said their website’s layout or design needed improvement.
  • 45% felt they needed to work on the search optimisation of their site.
  • 43% were unhappy with the quality of content on their site.


When it comes to making sure your website works well for your business, there are two main potential problem areas:

1. The content – That includes the text, images and videos, and design of your website. Ask yourself these key questions: Does your content attract your ideal client or is it attracting people who don’t follow through and buy from you? Are there problems with the quality of your content, and could it even be damaging to your brand?

EXAMPLE – Your text isn’t written to appeal to your ideal customers and your images are generic or poor quality.  Does your ideal client then think your business would have a good grasp of their problems and needs? Do you show them how you solve their problems? Probably not… Changing your content could make a significant difference to your business.


2. The back end – By this web designers mean the systems used to create, run, and manage your website. Ask yourself if there is an issue with security, search engine optimisation (SEO), or site loading speed. All these key factors could be off-putting to potential customers. This is because they make it hard to find and trust your site, or difficult to navigate and view pages.

EXAMPLE – Your pages aren’t maximised for good SEO so the web crawlers sent out by search engines like Google and Bing don’t find your website or rank it poorly in search results. Your business misses out on sales. People who Google specific products or services are often far further down the road towards purchase than those who see your content on social media, for example, so there could be a lot of money left on the table. Some simple tweaks could transform that SEO and help your business grow.


So, how can you know for sure what you need to do?

A suck it and see approach could leave you frustrated and still without the business benefits you need.

Getting professional advice from an experienced web designer will help you ensure the changes you make are necessary and an effective way to get more customers.

Book a website audit call with me to get a seasoned professional eye on the things holding your website back from being a wonderful business tool.

In a one-hour call, I’ll get to know you and your business, your goals for your website, look at the content and back end of the site, and go through things step by step.

By the end of the call, you’ll get a clear action plan to get the most from your site and my tips for maintaining it.

Find out more: Site Audit – Web Wisdom

Let’s talk!

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How much does a website cost?

Good question!

And as with many such questions, the answer is “It depends!”

Professionally built websites can start from around £500 for a very simple build but can easily head up towards £2000-£10,000+ for larger or more bespoke projects. 

You need to consider what your website needs to be able to do in order to make it work well for your business.

Do you need a “shop window” that showcases your products or services and helps your clients to build confidence in your skills and quality?

Do you need a specific functionality such as a booking or payment platform?

How soon do you need your site to be ready?

All of these factors will be taken into consideration when your web developer puts together a quote for you. Best advice? Make sure you know what you want and communicate that clearly with your developer.

And if you’re not sure what you need yet, ask! If you can give your developer an overview of your business and what you want to achieve, they should be able to guide you on the kind of site that will best suit you.