Is my personality worth shouting about?

Well, that would depend on a few things.

Firstly, are you selling a product or a service? If you’re selling a product, let’s focus on that and on how it benefits your customers.

If you’re selling a service, things are a little different. When you’re selling a service, there are no products to show, so what do you put on your site?

And to answer that we need to think about “what is my website for?”

Whether selling a product or a service, your website is about building reassurance, leaving the reader wanting to know more and feeling happy about getting closer to buying from you.

To do that, you have to demonstrate both your ability and your personality. To be authentic. If you’re a one-man—(or woman!)-band, let people know that. People buy from those they know, like and trust. So hiding behind a “royal we” can actually be detrimental. You are your brand, you are the experience and expertise that your clients are buying. Or if you have a team, tell us about you all – what is going to help us connect with you and feel comfortable with the service you provide.

Now, it can be very daunting to “put yourself out there” – trust me, I KNOW! I found it much more comfortable to hide behind my business name and logo! But having been lovingly strong-armed (thanks Nick Sladek!) into putting my photo on my site and social media, the difference in the number and quality of conversations I was having was remarkable. And it made me much easier to refer simply because people remembered who I was.

So you don’t need to be the life and soul of the party in order to showcase who you are. You will be the perfect match for someone out there looking for your skills. Help them to find you by telling them who you are.

Looking for support putting yourself front and centre on your site? I’m more than happy to have a chat and suggest ways to achieve this – just drop me a line.

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How much does a website cost?

Good question!

And as with many such questions, the answer is “It depends!”

Professionally built websites can start from around £500 for a very simple build but can easily head up towards £2000-£10,000+ for larger or more bespoke projects. 

You need to consider what your website needs to be able to do in order to make it work well for your business.

Do you need a “shop window” that showcases your products or services and helps your clients to build confidence in your skills and quality?

Do you need a specific functionality such as a booking or payment platform?

How soon do you need your site to be ready?

All of these factors will be taken into consideration when your web developer puts together a quote for you. Best advice? Make sure you know what you want and communicate that clearly with your developer.

And if you’re not sure what you need yet, ask! If you can give your developer an overview of your business and what you want to achieve, they should be able to guide you on the kind of site that will best suit you.